On behalf of Condominium Owners & Residents for Your Comfortable Living

 "Manshion Kanri Shien Kyokai" (Man-Kyo) was established by a group of condominium managers legally licensed under Act for Improving Management of Condominium, and devoted per the sprit of the Act to assist condonimium owners` quality living by promoting tactical management of the condominium.

 Owners and owner unions` responsibility are very broad thru a life of residence and life cycle of the condominium itself. On a regular and/or on-demand basis, we can offer one-stop support and consultation to such broad responsibilities. Our expertise includes but not limited to a review of existing management contracts and service quality of the agents, renovation consultation and planning, and process management for all such activities i.e. from effective consensus building among owners, time management, workflow management to due completion. These are particularly important for big project such as large-scale renovation and re-construction of the condominium.

 In 2009, we were selected and assigned by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) to work for "improving residents` living standard" project, which was successfully completed in Jan 2010.

 We welcome all interested in our service/activities to contact us and are looking forward to working with you for your happy and comfortable condominium residence in Japan.